Reboot Your Health: Simple DIY Tests and Solutions to Assess and Improve Your Health

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Anonymous says:

An excellent comprehensive introduction to self care This book is an excellent introduction to understanding how our bodies work and how to look after ourselves. All children should learn this at school! It’s practical, readable and up to date. It’s comprehensive, covering the key common conditions and how to create health with a wealth of tips. Also, it shows the value of integrated healthcare, the wisdom gained from both mainstream and holistic complementary/alternative medicine. This is the way modern medicine should be going as it reflects…

Anonymous says:

clearly presented and easy to read This book is a treasure trove of information, clearly presented and easy to read, giving us the tools to take responsibility for our individual health and healing, and the power to discover our own path to optimal vitality. Sara has thoroughly researched a wide and comprehensive range of therapeutic approaches, both mainstream and complementary, and the result is both fascinating and empowering. Offered in easy to follow steps Reboot your Health opens doors to self-discovery and dynamic…

Anonymous says:

Practical and easy to navigate advice for profound results Hippocrates famously wrote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Sarah’s practical and easy to navigate writing gives us hope that medicine is returning back to this sentiment. Where health is accessible and understandable to everyone. Assisting us to remember we are part of a larger organism that provides everything we require to rebalance our systems organically. More please

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