Living Proof

October 25, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Wow, a must watch for everyone This documentary really was an eye opener & thou I don’t suffer from MS myself, having this knowledge is invaluable. If u know anyone, with MS u must get them to watch this movie & go to that website to learn however to potentially manage the progression of this debilitating disease.. Well done to the Embry family…

Anonymous says:

More pseudo science while having a jab and big pharma As a long term MS’er I would advise no one with MS to watch this, yes a decent diet will help anyone feel better and you should already know this as it should be one of the first thing you are advised, along with other obvious things like give up smoking, but claims of proof of total remission following his diet made me a little angry. I am so fed up with amateurs making claims way out of their league and trying to tell people how they should ignore their Doctor. I do however agree big…

Anonymous says:

Valuable Important for all to see. The pharmaceutical industry is killing more people than it’s healing. Plus, good idea to stay away from dairy and animal products, all of which are inflammatory (adding fuel to auto-immune diseases, as well as reducing the ability of the body to heal itself). A lot of research (go on PubMed yourself) has also suggested that gluten causes inflammation.

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