Unsupersize Me

October 25, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Great, inspiring story, sloppy execution I loved the story, and I could identify with Tracy easily (we look very similar actually), and I’m on the road of switching to plant-based diet as well, for my health and the planet. It was great to see her lose all that weight and transform, and it’s very inspiring, especially because I’m yet to lose my weight.On the other hand, this film looks like a bad home video, with pretty awful image quality, poor sound, very sloppy editing, and I must say that the narration drove me up the wall…

Anonymous says:

A feel-good documentary Very interesting and informative documentary about how you can change your life with veganism, featuring two very likeable people. It will certainly spur me on towards eating a more plant based diet. I only gave it four stars because the film didn’t adequately document how Tracy dealt with the issues of eating out or being tempted by bread, eggs, etc. It seems she just immediately adapted and didn’t regret the restrictions that the diet can include (as a coeliac on a restrictive diet, I know…

Anonymous says:

Bicep bro ex-con found his vegan zen A feel good film with a great story, but this guy can’t be taken seriously as a personal trainer when he has the body of a ‘bicep bro’. Also filled with the usual nonsense about don’t eat meat blah blah when it is just as easy to lose weight on a calorie restricted meat based diet.

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