The Balance Plan: Six Steps to Optimize Your Hormonal Health

October 30, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

There are links between food and hormones you didn’t know before I heard Angelique on the ‘live better feel more’ podcast. I felt that many of the things she mentioned were relevant to me and my hormonal problems. I bought the book on the back of this podcast and I really enjoyed reading the information about common sense nutrition. The books also looks and feels wonderful, the pictures of the food are very appealing. I am a vegetarian but there are lots of recipes that I could adapt to fit my own veggie diet. I would reccomend it to any women!

Anonymous says:

I have started following this books advice with gusto and honestly feel like someone has changed my batteries After enduring the initial few days of nausea and headaches and many many naps as I went through caffeine, sugar and general crap-you-shove in your mouth withdrawal, I have started following this books advice with gusto and honestly feel like someone has changed my batteries. My skin is healthy and smooth looking, and my low level anxiety has eased up a lot, and I can cycle up a hill without nearly passing out! It’s only been a few days and I still have bouts of the familiar exhaustion that has…

Anonymous says:

A must buy! I adore this book because it puts food into the context of our overall lives. I love the way the concepts in the book are presented – the sassy six, the showstoppers – it makes some very complicated things easy to understand (finally!) and has helped me understand some of the reasons why my body hasn’t functioned as well as it could. The meal plans are brilliant and make it really easy to plan and buy food but also know I’m eating a really good balanced diet and as a result I’ve seen so many…

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