Day 15: Balance Challenge

November 4, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Best yoga series Absolutely brilliant, the best yoga series I have found. Whether you are new to yoga or not it has something for everyone. I learnt so much from it even about poses I thought I knew. The 30day keeps it fresh and each day was great, Jess has a lovely way to her and keeps the momentum up with great flows that build through the 30 days. I will be re-watching it all again to further my practice and really hope Jess brings out series 2

Anonymous says:

Great for newbies to yoga I’m really enjoying this series! I never usually stick to new routines but am onto day 7. I am inflexible but still get many benefits from this and Jess really explains the poses well and makes yoga easy and open to all. I have noticed less stiffness in my upper back and feel much better in my body. I have stopped all emotional eating and have started working out since doing this and lost 5 pounds in a week. Not sure if it’s because of the yoga or something else but I really look forward to my…

Anonymous says:

A great series of classes that has been put together and … A great series of classes that has been put together and adjusted to suit all levels. I started this programme 8 days ago and I am already feeling the benefits, I am able to walk without so much pain and stiffness now and every daily practice gets easier. Words to the wise work at your own pace and be kind to yourself it will take time to master all the postures and you can always hit the pause button. Well done Jess, love to see more from you.

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