KAMTRON Smart Body Fat Scales – Bathroom Scales Body Composition Analyzer Monitor, High Precision Measuring for BMI, Visceral Fat, Muscle, Body Age etc, Smart APP for Fitness Tracking

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Understanding your weight and body composition will give you an opportunity to make better decisions about your lifestyle. Recommended The Fitness Mindset: Eat for Energy, Train for Tension, Manage Your Mindset, Reap the Results (Read Reviews) £13.79 Fitness & Exercise Motivation: Fitness Success Tips for Mindset Development and Personal Fitness Planner Creation (Read Reviews) £14.09

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Understanding your weight and body composition will give you an opportunity to make better decisions about your lifestyle.


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Your body does not always tell you directly what it needs, but KAMTRON Wireless Body Fat Weight Scale can convey information for you.

1.Please enter your personal information accurately on the APP to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. Android 6.0 or later version requires reading location information.
2.In order to avoid multi-user data synchronization error, it is recommended to measure at intervals of 30 seconds when switching users.
3.The product needs to be placed in a flat and hard place, avoiding the use of soft materials such as carpets, so as not to affect the accuracy of the body fat reading.
4.Keep your feet clean and dry. Use the weight scale with barefoot. Make sure your feet completely cover the four electrode plates during the measurement. If you wear shoes or socks, Body Fat Weight Scale will not measure the body fat percentage.
5.Pregnant women are not recommended for use; those who use a pacemaker, artificial lungs, or other devices inside the body are prohibited.
6.Adolescents under the age of 18 are more metabolically active and the measurement data are not stable. The data is for reference only.
7.Avoid using during illness to reduce measurement errors.
8.Avoid measuring immediately after strenuous exercise and a large diet, otherwise there will be greater errors. It is recommended to use the BMI scale after exercising or eating for 1 hour.
9.This product is not a standard for physical data and is for reference only. You should consult a professional doctor when performing any diet or exercise program.

Product Features

  • Smart APP Syncs and Support Multiple Users – The scale is synchronized with APPLE HEALTH, GOOGLE FIT and FITBIT APP, Support unlimited number of users
  • 13 Essential Measurements – Using BIA technology to accurately measure your physical information, weight, BMI, body fat and so on.Lets you track the impact of fitness programs
  • High accuracy – With a 6mm high-quality tempered glass plate and the high-precision sensor measuring with 0.2 lb/0.1kg increments and have a capacity of 400 lbs/180 kg
  • Step-on Technology – No buttons and switches. Just step on the smart scale to get timely readings. Once the device is connected again, the data will be synchronized
  • Supports iOS 7.0/Android 4.3 or later devices,Batteries included


Anonymous says:

Great scales at a great price. Edit: I see the price has gone up, I originally purchased this at £26.99, it currently sits at £36.99 before a 5% (£1.85) voucher, bringing it to £35.14. I would still recommend the scales at this price as I have already gotten 3 months usage from it without any issues (aside from the initial switching off and back on of the Fitbit connect toggle in the app, which may have been ironed out in updates since and hasn’t presented itself as a problem again after the first time connecting)…

Anonymous says:

Fantastic Wireless Scale Was purchased to replace an old manual scale and was not looking for anything out of the ordinary but was very impressed with what I received.The scale came very well packed so no worries about damage in the post. Opening the boxes and holding the scale you immediately notice the quality of the product, well made and feels strong but is very thin.The best part about this is you get accurate and consistent reading time after time. We used it immediately for our luggage…

Anonymous says:

Here’s my take after 2 weeks use Had this for 2 weeks now. Hubby and I are using it as part of our get fit challenge. The Scale worked very well. Downloaded their app and set our own account. Turn on your bluetooth and step on the scale and voila! All the info is sent to the app.It reads your hydration, bones mass, viceral fat etc.. The reading goes as far as to tell you which range you fall under too. So you know if your hydration % is adequate or not.The app also links to hubby’s Fitbit Charge 3 no problem…

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