My Sh*t Therapist: & Other Mental Health Stories

December 17, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

An absolute must read for anyone whose brain makes them feel weird and alone. I devoured this book in a day – it is truly wonderful, comforting, funny and yet serious at the same time. Reading it felt like a warm hug – mental health struggles can make you feel so incredibly lonely but the way Michelle approaches it has made me feel less alone and less afraid to make some changes in my life. She’s also a great writer! Thank you so much for your honesty.

Anonymous says:

The best therapist ive known to date! Every single line I read, I’m nodding along, because it’s like Michelle is narrating my life! The book is raw, honest, funny, sad, clever, witty, endearing, brave… So many words can be used to describe this wonderful book, but most importantly, it makes you feel. For the first time in a long time, I feel understood. I feel empowered and more confident in how to tackle my own mental health issues. I no longer feel alone. This book saved my sanity when I downloaded it (in the midst of a mild…

Anonymous says:

It’s given me the confidence to talk to my friends and family about their experiences. Amazingly insightful if, like me, you have people in your life who struggle with mental health but you yourself have no basis for what they’re going through. It’s made me better understand what living with depression, anxiety or experiencing a panic attack, actually feels like. And has given me the confidence to talk to my friends and family about their experience. (It’s also given me a new respect for manicures, and a weariness of healing crystals) Michelle manages to navigate the…

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