Mastering Public Health: A Postgraduate Guide to Examinations and Revalidation, Second Edition

January 11, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Comprehensive but riddled with errors This book claims to be a comprehensive resource for people taking the Faculty of Public Health examinations. While it does cover the full range of topics and sticks closely to the syllabus of the Part A exam, the text is riddled with errors. These include incorrect formulae for basic epidemiological statistics. For example, the text mixes up neonatal and post-neonatal mortality rates, and gives an incorrect formula for the discounting rate used in health economics. These errors are substantial…

Anonymous says:

Of Limited Use I bought this for my Part A MFPH exams. There’s a lot of useful summary info in here, but it’s not easy to navigate (I found the index nigh on useless) and there is a large amount missing. It’s like reading somebody else’s short notes. Having said that, I did dip in and out along with various other resources. If you know somebody else who has a copy, I’d borrow it – you’ll probably not use it again after the exams.

Anonymous says:

Rip off Too expensive for what it is. I got it as a necessity but it only serves as a bullet pointed list. You still need to go out there and find other resources.

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