The Truth Hurts

January 13, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

A thought-provoking insight A thought-provoking insight into Joel’s journey. It really illustrates the importance of Life Coaching with someone like Tony Selimi, and that no matter how successful you (or others) think you are, you can still have devastating inner turmoil.As a Self Development Mentor/Editor, it still astounds me just how many people are not being (or cannot be) their true ‘Self’. They do not live the life they truly want. They cannot show the person they truly are. They never experience…

Anonymous says:

Powerful exploration of the Mask Syndrome This is an extraordinary film, moving hypnotically from the statement of themes such as how we all live our lives wearing masks, trying to fulfill other people’s expectations, to an intensive and almost forensic examination of what is not working in the marriage of Joel, the film’s director, and his wife. Led expertly by elite life coach Tony J Selimi, we are taken on a mesmerising journey into what life coaching means, and how in the hands of a master, it leads to the acceptance of reality and…

Anonymous says:

Incredible insight into the power of life coaching & healing Having read two of Tony Selimi’s books previously, I am familiar with his life coaching work – however what I gained from watching Living My Illusion was an up-close insight of watching Joel being coached by Tony and understanding the incredible value which can be gained from Life Coaching.As Joel explains in the film, on the face of it, he appeared to have all the trappings of success on the face of it and yet under the surface he was unhappy. It’s very common for people to…

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