PISS TO BLISS: Fed Up With Cystitis, Chronic Bladder Pain & Women’s Health Taboos Ruining Your Life? Welcome To The Empowering Happy Bladder Book

January 25, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Demystifies bladder problems with care and humour The humour in the title continues through the book which deals with the not so funny problems with bladders! This book is a collaborative and rather conspiratorial journey through personal experience, to scientific fact to metaphysical influences, which combine to give life-enhancing solutions to bladder issues.The main focus is on cystitis: having suffered only once I can vouch for its excruciating painfulness, but have seen the effects of constant UTIs on members of my family. I learnt…

Anonymous says:

A taboo-busting, open-hearted, informative and inspiring guide I think this book will serve as an amazing resource for anyone suffering from chronic cystitis or other painful, inflammatory bladder conditions. Dr Jennifer Myer draws generously and deeply on her own experiences of severe and longstanding cystitis (now cured!) to provide a taboo-busting, open-hearted, informative and inspiring guide for fellow sufferers. The book is written with great warmth and humour, while also providing a wealth of information and insight, with detailed guidance on steps…

Anonymous says:

Informative and candid Really informative and the author is so candid about how poor bladder health has affected her whole life. Everyone should know about cystitis and how things like your diet can actually worsen or prolong uncomfortable symptoms. Learned so much and I’m armed and ready next time something feels wrong in my bladder. And I am never having a bath in a foreign country ever again!!

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