Diamond Fitness Premium Ab Roller Wheel Workout Set For Men & Women Including Ab Wheel With Knee Mat, Resistance Band, Incline Push-up Bars, Jump Rope And Bag with 10 FREE 8 Week Workout Plans

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The Diamond Fitness G-Bag Set includes: ✔ An abdominal roller with knee mat, incline push up bars, skipping /jump rope and long resistance / stretch band. ✔ Portable Diamond Fitness branded equipment bag about the size of a wash bag. ✔ FREE e-Book with 10, 8-week workout guides. These plans are as follows: 2x “Beginner

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The Diamond Fitness G-Bag Set includes:

✔ An abdominal roller with knee mat, incline push up bars, skipping /jump rope and long resistance / stretch band.

✔ Portable Diamond Fitness branded equipment bag about the size of a wash bag.

✔ FREE e-Book with 10, 8-week workout guides. These plans are as follows: 2x “Beginner Programme’, 2x “Intermediate Programme”, “Warrior Programme”, “Old But Gold Programme”, “Bums and Tums Programme”, “Strength Focused Programme” and “Rehab Programme”. The e-Book will be emailed directly to your mailbox immediately after purchase. If you have your email preferences restricted, please message us through Amazon or one of our social media pages.

✔ YouTube guide demonstrating how to perform every single exercise in the plan.

✔ Access to our online community of fitness lovers with advice and tips to enhance your mental and physical well-being.

✔ UK based brand.


Product Safety 

⚠ Resistance band offers 15-35 lbs of resistance. Do NOT stretch any more than 2x initial length of the band which is 1.04 metres.

⚠ Be aware of any tears in the resistance band and if a snap feels possible please do not stress the band excessively.

⚠ Incline push up bars and ab roller can hold up to 125 kilograms of weight. Please do NOT exceed this weight.

⚠ Do NOT use the jump rope in a crowded area, where you or the band may come into contact people or objects

Product Features

  • ✅(THE WORKOUT SOLUTION)✔ No longer waste valuable time and money on gym memberships and instead invest into this affordable home workout set that you can use anywhere at anytime. No longer use your imagination to picture your dream physique, rather in 8 weeks, be looking directly at it in the mirror. This premium fitness equipment set allows anyone to try enjoyable, self-motivating workouts alongside the ergonomically designed equipment allowing you to enhance your fitness levels.
  • ✅(SUPPLEMENT EXISTING FiTNESS)✔ The superior British-designed prime ab roller with a thick cushioned knee mat, comfort gripped incline/decline push up bars, elite jump rope and long anti-rub red latex resistance band allow you to maximise muscle growth in every area of your body whilst also enhancing aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels. Whether on holiday or travelling, this is the best alternative to stay in great shape through challenging bodyweight and resistance exercises.
  • ✅(OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE)✔ Whether you are overweight, weak or unfit this workout equipment for men and women provides the opportunity to make poor self-image a thing of the past. The specifically chosen bodyweight activities (customisable to be easy, intermediate or hard) are proven to burn fat as effectively as cardio. Create the lean strong body you aspire to have, increasing overall happiness, improving physical and mental health.This fitness set is for all ages, sizes and fitness levels
  • ✅{FREE E-BOOK)✔ The premium fitness set comes with 10 FREE 8-week workout plans (in an e-book sent immediately after purchase) with mid-plan testing and progressional exercises. All plans are specifically tailored to certain demographics and fitness levels such as the ‘Advanced Warrior’ plan for major fitness enthusiasts, or the ‘Old But Gold’ plan with less strenuous exercises for older users. Every single exercise is perfectly demonstrated via our Diamond Fitness YouTube page.
  • ✅ (A SMALL INVESTMENT WITH MAJOR RETURNS)✔ Improved posture, lower risk of heart disease or stronger core and muscles are few of the thousands of physical benefits. Increased self-esteem and happiness are guaranteed outcomes from using this fitness equipment. Still unsure? Don’t worry, we operate a 28-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE policy so why not give it a try? All DIamond Fitness products come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY.


Anonymous says:

Good simple effective Best Fitness Set Out There By FarThe quality of this product and customer service from Diamond Fitness is second to none. Having bought a few poor workout sets of Amazon this has proven that not all products are knockoffs! The sturdiness of the ab roller with the metal frame is great, as well as the resistance band which allows for effective targeting of all parts of the body. The firmness of the push up bars is another part of the set I was pleasantly surprised. Overall each part…

Anonymous says:

Training This set is amazing. Not only does it contain top quality products but it’s workout plans are designed in such a way that I work myself harder in 15 minutes than 1 hour at the gym. That has opened up so much extra time for me to focus on my family and work. Even better, the YouTube support has been amazing at clearing any uncertainties I’ve had over performing the exercises and now I feel confident that I am going to smash my fitness goals. I’d definitely suggest you get yours ASAP!

Anonymous says:

So pleased I added this training kit and ebook to my fitness regime! – This is a great product! I love the equipment and the e book – i travel a lot and I can bring the gym with me! The kit is great quality and excellent value for the price I paid. The after sales service ( the ebook and you tube videos) are so helpful and I have a great week by week plan to follow. I really recommend it and will be buying it for friends

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