Eating My Way Back to Health: A Gluten & Dairy Free Recipe Book

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Anonymous says:

THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE !!! and my Alopecia I saw Louise for a consultation around 5 weeks ago because I have an auto immune disease called Alopecia Areata. Id pretty much been written off by my Doctors. They could always prescribe lots of ways to try and reduce the inflammation causing my Alopecia but they could never tell me why i was inflamed in the first place.The book explained that Gluten was causing a leaky gut which allows food particles to get into my blood stream, this in turn caused my immune system to see these…

Anonymous says:

Highly Recommended Brilliant book! It is inspiring to read about the journey Louise and her husband, Richard, embarked on in order to turn his health around. The recipes are quick, easy, delicious and healthy. There are loads of clearly explained useful hints and tips on nutrition and lifestyle. I have consulted Louise personally and with her help I managed to lose 2st and greatly improve my menopause symptoms. I can not recommend this book highly enough.

Anonymous says:

Not just for the Gluten & Dairy Free! Me and my husband don’t have any special dietary needs that require us to follow a gluten & dairy free diet but we do have an active and healthy life style. On looking at the book on line we thought we’d give it a try and have not been disappointed. The book has a wide range or recipes for throughout the day that are easy to make and don’t require lots of specialist ingredients, a plus for any kitchen! G&P Drummond.

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